Greer Seminar Series

The Greer Seminar series allows Haslam faculty and graduate students to meet world-class economists. It provides an opportunity to see the latest advances in research before they have been formally published and provides exposure for our department.

Topics addressed in the Greer Seminar Series have varied from how football upsets cause intimate partner violence, to the development of new statistical techniques for exploring income inequality.

Unless otherwise noted, the seminar is typically held at 3:30 p.m. in Stokely Management Center, 701.

Spring 2023 Workshops

(joint with Miguel Acosta)

Friday, February 10 J. Aislinn Bohren – University of Pennsylvania
Paper Title: “Systemic Discrimination: Theory and Measurement
(joint with Peter Hull and Alex Imas)
Monday, February 27 Kasey Buckles – Notre Dame.
Paper Title: “Family Trees and Falling Apples: Intergenerational Mobility Estimates from U.S. Genealogy Data,” written with Joe Price, Zach Ward, and Haley Wilbert
Monday, March 6 Lydia Cox – Yale University
Paper Title: “The Regressive Nature of the U.S. Tariff Code: Origins and Implications”
(joint with Miguel Acosta)
Monday, March 20 Ina Ganguli – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Paper Title: “The Effect of Minimum Wage Changes on Scientific Production”
(joint with Raviv Murciano-Goroff)
Friday, April 21 Elena Krasnokutskaya – Johns Hopkins University
Monday, April 24 Brian J. Phelan – DePaul University
Friday, May 5 Erika Fields – Duke University

Fall 2022 Workshops

Monday, September 12 Mary Evans – University of Texas
Paper Title: “Citizen Complaints and Regulator Behavior
Monday, September 19 Gregorio Caetano – University of Georgia
Paper Title: “The Effect of Maternal Labor Supply on Children: Evidence from Bunching
Monday, September 26 Daniel Waggoner – Atlanta Federal Reserve
Paper Title: “Uniform Priors for Impulse Responses, Joint work with Jonas Arias and Juan Rubio-Ramirez.”
Monday, October 10 Stefano Barbieri – Tulane University
Paper Title: “Winner’s Effort in Multi-Battle Team Contests.”
Monday, October 17 Olga Malkova – University of Kentucky
Paper Title: Time to Grow Up? Adult Children as Determinants of Parental Labor Supply
Monday, October 24 Luke Rodgers – Florida State University
Presenting a joint paper with Keith Ihlanfeldt titled “Beyond Assessment: Racial and Gender Disparities in Property Taxation.”
Monday, December 5 Andrew Dustan – Vanderbilt University
Paper Title: “Preferences, access, and the STEM gender gap in centralized high school assignment

Spring 2022 Workshops

Monday, March 7 Lesley Turner – Vanderbilt
Paper Title: “Race and Nativity Earnings Gaps: The Role of College Networks” (joint with Dylan Conger and Colin Chellman)
Monday, March 21 Gillian Brunet – Wesleyan
Paper Title: “War, Pandemic, and Household Saving The COVID-19 Pandemic through the Lens of WWII”
Monday, April 4 Julie Cullen – UC San Diego – West Wing HBB 440
Monday, May 9 Akshya Jha – Carnegie Mellon – West Wing HBB 440

Fall 2021 Workshops

Monday, September 13 Marc Bellemare – University of Minnesota
Paper Title: “Why Not Insure Prices? Experimental Evidence from Peru”
Monday, October 4 Greg Leo – Vanderbilt
Paper Title: “Minimal Experiments” joint with PJ Healy
Monday, October 18 Erik Johnson – University of Alabama
Paper Title: “Machine Learning and Land Valuation (Black Boxes all the way down)”
Monday, November 1 Gadi Barlevy – Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Friday, November 5 Matt Burgess – University of Colorado, Boulder
Paper Title: “Why win-wins are rare in complex environmental management”
Monday, November 8 M. Kathleen Ngangoué – UCLA
Paper Title: “The Common-Probability Auction Puzzle”
Monday, November 15 Kalena Cortes – Texas A&M
Paper Title: “A Bridge to Graduation: Testing the Effects of an Alternative Pathway for Students Who Fail Exit Exams”

Spring 2021 Workshops

Monday, February 1 Mackenzie Alston – Florida State University
Paper Title: “Does Black and Blue Matter?: An Experimental Investigation of Race and Perceptions of Police Bias”
Monday, February 15 Guillaume Frechette – New York University
Paper Title: “Beliefs in Repeated Games”
Monday, March 7 Lesley Turner – Vanderbilt
Monday, March 8 Prottoy Akbar – University of Pittsburgh
Paper Title: “Who Benefits from Faster Public Transit?”
Monday, April 26 Adriana Lleras-Muney – USC
Paper Title: “Do you employment programs Work? Evidence from the New Deal” (joint with Anna Aizer, Shari Eli and Keyoung Lee)
Monday, May 17 Mariacristina De Nardi – Minnesota University and Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Fall 2020 Workshops

Monday, August 31 Ivan Rudig – Cornell
Paper Title: “The Causal Effect of Lead on Test Scores”
Monday, September 21 Belinda Archibong – Barnard College
Paper Title: “Prison Labor: The Price of Prisons and the Lasting Effects of Incarceration”
Monday, September 28 Charles Sprenger – UCSD
Paper Title: “Procrastination in the Field: Evidence from Tax Filing”
Monday, October 19 Ryan Oprea – UCSB
Paper Title: “What Makes a Rule Complex”
Monday, November 16 Alberto Martin – European Central Bank
Paper Title: “Collateral Booms and Information Depletion”
Monday, December 7 Jhacova Williams – Rand
Paper Title: “Confederate Streets and Black-White Labor Market Differentials”