University of Tennessee
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Tamara Farley

Title: Administrative Specialist


1978 University of Tennessee,

When you enter the office, it’s safe to assume that anything alive and green is there because of Tamara. A true Appalachian farm girl with Irish & Cherokee roots, Tamara is a nurturer. Her desire for peace, love and harmony extends to everyone and everything around her. It’s especially focused on her family but her colleagues certainly benefit as well. She developed these customer service skills working at Miller’s Department store, 1st Tennessee Bank, Haag Int./Grendha Shoe Company and Realty Management Company. With thirteen years in property management, she moved up from leasing agent to manager before taking time off. During that time she was able to volunteer at her son’s elementary school. She coordinated their newsletter, assisted in classroom activities and chaperoned field trips before joining our office team.

Outside the office Tamara can be found feeding wild birds, planting perennials and trees, dancing around the house, grilling, making soy candles, harmonizing and watching movies. As a former adventurer with experience spelunking, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking and skiing, Tamara is content to stay close to home. While the sunshine of Florida and Hawaii no longer entice her, she does dream of having a pool in her backyard someday. In the meantime her goals are simple. She strives to eat, drink and be merry. She’s also hoping to resume writing her book about her family and effect changes in this world for the greater good.