Adam Spannbauer

“Most of what I’m working on is just improving class materials to enhance learning or to try and make learning the tough stuff more fun."

Business Analytics & Statistics - Faculty

Adam Spannbauer has a strong connection to the Department of Business Analytics and Statistics (BAS). Not only does he serve as business analytics lecturer, but he also earned his master’s degree from the department in 2015. Upon graduation, he immediately went to work for Eastman on its AI/ML team in Kingsport, Tennessee. Spannbauer credits landing the position so quickly to the preparation and connections he gained at Haslam.

The Maryville, Tennessee, native later left Eastman for data science instructor positions at other organizations. He was teaching an online data science bootcamp through Chegg when he learned of an opening with Haslam’s BAS department.

“I had a great experience with everyone in the department, the college and the community,” Spannbauer says. “When I saw the opportunity come up to teach here, I didn’t hesitate to put my name in the ring.”

Spannbauer is versed in Python, R, R Shiny and a variety of other methods used to create data science solutions, some of which he teaches in his classes. In addition to his work in the classroom, he is the faculty advisor for the business analytics society, and he serves on the department’s undergraduate committee.

While he enjoys all his involvement as a BAS lecturer, what does Spannbauer enjoy most about his position? “Definitely interacting with the students on their learning and sharing how cool [and] fun analytics can be,” he says. “I make a point to offer a ton of office hours, and it’s a lot of fun to work with students through a new technique or new tool.”

Case in point, Spannbauer just walked a class through making web apps with R. “It was awesome to hear, ‘Oh, that’s so cool,’ when students got their apps working,” he says.

Given that student interaction is where he finds satisfaction, Spannbauer currently focuses on enhancing the classroom experience, and one of his pastimes helps him accomplish this goal. Spannbauer enjoys creating artwork, and many of his pieces are made using code.

“Sometimes, I will take in some of the math/analytics concepts that students and I go through in class for my art,” Spannbauer explains. “We even had a session with the Business Analytics Society to make Christmas cards with R programming at the end of this past fall semester.”

Examples of his work can be found on his Instagram.

“Most of what I’m working on is just improving class materials to enhance learning or to try and make learning the tough stuff more fun,” he says. I really like what I’m doing now, and I feel like I’m able to make an impact on students by doing it.”