Ashleigh Fultz Centella

For FedEx worldwide account manager Ashleigh Fultz Centella, time management skills she developed at Haslam are essential.

- Alumni

A day in the life of Ashleigh Fultz Centella (HCB, ’06) involves the responsibilities of supporting an American multinational technology company. In her role as worldwide account manager for FedEx, Centella provides supply chain design and initiatives.

“I am responsible for oversight of dynamic technology integrations, predictive metric analysis and developing solutions with increased efficiencies to leverage growth opportunities,” Centella says.

Before becoming a FedEx worldwide account manager, Centella worked as a sales executive for the company. She balances the demands of her current position by using well-honed time management skills, which she began building as a marketing student in the Haslam College of Business. She encourages current students to build these skills while at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

“Enhance your time management skills now,” she says. “With time, both your workload and responsibility will increase; be ready when it does.”

The alumna fondly recalls her own student career at UT, noting her first-year experiences.

“The first game day as a student on campus and the camaraderie I felt is a favorite memory,” Centella says. “As a freshman, having a class in Aryes Hall, you can’t help but feel a part of history in such an iconic building that many fellow alumni had passed through.”

For Centella, this feeling of belonging defines what it means to be a Volunteer. “It’s tradition and a community that becomes family,” she says.

To students in those historic buildings on UT’s campus today, Centella encourages them to have strength and confidence as they proceed into their future careers.

“Any struggle you might be faced with today is developing the strength you will need tomorrow,” she says. “You are strong, you are smart and you got this.”

In her free time, Centella values time with her Volunteer family and her own family.

“Quality time with family and friends will always be at the top of the list while taking every opportunity for travel, exploring and outdoor adventures,” she says.