Camila Metchikoff

Giving one hundred percent at my job, my home and my class work wasn’t easy. My professors always had my back and knew how hard I was working.

Supply Chain Management - Alumni

The Haslam College of Business values diverse backgrounds in the best and brightest students it recruits. Usually that means a cohort of with multiple perspectives, but when Camila Metchikoff was a student, she represented a diversity of roles all in herself: mother, wife, employee and student.

“I wore so many hats during that period of time,” she says. “Giving one hundred percent at my job, my home and my class work wasn’t easy. My professors always had my back and knew how hard I was working. I was sold on the Haslam College of Business because of the programs and rankings, but what has kept me loyal in my giving is the culture of support.”

While at Haslam, Metchikoff majored in supply chain and logistics with a collateral in international business. She says one fateful lecture in a required logistics class spurred her onto her major and now career path.  

“The professor talked about how exciting the profession was and that there weren’t a lot of women in the field,” Metchikoff says. “I specifically remember my professor telling a very intriguing story of scuba diving shop as it related to logistics. It sounded like a challenging and exciting field that never slowed down; I knew that was where I belonged.”

Metchikoff now works at Radio Systems Corporation as the logistics operations manager. She is responsible for management and execution of all processes associated with inbound transportation and logistical flow of material and information between Radio Systems’ supplier network and North American destinations. She also oversees communication processes associated with international transportation to ensure accurate systems visibility.

Metchikoff attributes much of her success and opportunities to her degree and the broad background in supply chain management she received when she studied at the University of Tennessee.

“I have worked in procurement, analytics, planning, customs compliance and import/export operations from major countries,” says Metchikoff. “I have a diverse background and have ambition to make major strategic decisions in logistics operations for a large corporation through collaboration with other key players.”

Metchikoff also plays the role of entrepreneur as the co-owner of Real Home Solutions, a company specializing in home rehabilitation and creative financing for people on the verge of losing their homes due to unforeseen life changes.

“Having a unique background afforded me the opportunity to see life for not only what it is, but what it could be,” says Metchikoff. “My desire with both my work at Radio Systems and my business is to allow others’ that same vision and foresight as well.”

For Metchikoff, giving back paves a better path for those following in your footsteps.

“By giving back we ensure that others will continue to benefit from the programs at Haslam and hope that they can even be better,” she says. “Donating to the supply chain program makes me feel I’m contributing to a stronger, more logistically sound and a leaner supply chain economy due to the amazing talent that comes out of it.”