Christine Vossler

As Haslam’s doctoral programs coordinator and assistant director for the Master of Science in Business Analytics program, Vossler enjoys the diverse challenges she takes on as part of her work.

Business Analytics & Statistics - Staff

Christine Vossler holds dual positions in the Haslam College of Business. In the Department of Business Analytics and Statistics, she is assistant director for the Master of Science in Business Analytics program. She also acts as Haslam’s doctoral programs coordinator. These roles require Vossler to juggle numerous responsibilities, but she wouldn’t have it any other way — she thrives on variety.

A life-long East Tennessean, Vossler pursued several careers before coming to Haslam, from owning a wedding venue to working as a case manager with mental health patients. Still, when she joined Haslam 17 years ago, she didn’t know what to expect.

“It quickly became one of the best career decisions I have made,” she says. “Many of the faculty and staff have been here as long as I have or longer, which speaks to the positive work environment. So, this is why I have stayed!”

Vossler’s duties at Haslam run the gamut. She works with all BAS graduate programs in multiple capacities, from promoting the programs to meeting students’ service needs while they are on campus. Similarly, she coordinates college-wide activities for Haslam’s entire doctoral student population.

“I have been fortunate to be in a position where I wear many hats,” Vossler says. “I enjoy being the go-to person for many ‘Who should do this?’ tasks.”

One particular role she enjoys is overseeing a class that prepares PhD candidates for teaching, which all Haslam doctoral students are required to take. It covers topics like designing a course, overcoming first-day nerves and handling problem students.

“I bring in faculty from all over our college to talk about the practical details of getting in front of a class for the first time,” Vossler explains. “These topics are invaluable for our students to consider before they teach.”

Vossler also is excited about her latest work project. The college recently launched a Master of Science in Business Analytics concentration for working professionals, which Vossler labored on from conception.

“Now that it has launched, I can enjoy some fun parts, like meeting with the applicants and working on logistics for them while they are in residency,” she says.

With so much going on, it wouldn’t seem Vossler needed more challenges to assay. She took on one anyway.

“While working for Haslam full-time, I took classes part-time and earned my master’s and a PhD in Sociology,” she says. “That was fun!”

For Vossler, doing the same thing every day would be boring. Given the array of duties she performs for Haslam, it’s no wonder that, when asked her plans for the future, her answer is, “I plan to stay here. I love my job, I love my department and I love the college.”