Curt Maggitt

After retiring from the NFL, Maggitt earned his MBA from Haslam and used the skills he gained there to found the EDGE (Education, Development, Guidance, Empowerment) Foundation to create opportunities for inner city youth.

- Alumni

Curt Maggitt (MBA, ’20) understands the value of learning on the field and in the classroom. During his undergraduate years in UT’s School of Communications Studies, he was a standout member of the Volunteer football team. After graduating in 2014, he went on to play professionally for the Indianapolis Colts.

In 2019, after three years in pro football and seven surgeries, Maggitt returned his focus to classroom, joining the Haslam College of Business as an MBA candidate.

“I was in a very vulnerable place,” Maggitt says. “Football and sports were my comfort zone, but I was ready to challenge myself and accomplish new goals. My first thought was, ‘I need to go back to Tennessee.’”

Through earning his MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship, he tackled his challenges and realized his personal goal of creating opportunities for inner city youth. After graduation, he created the EDGE (Education, Development, Guidance, Empowerment) Foundation. Through EDGE, Maggitt combines athletics and learning with his drive for community outreach.

EDGE aims to help youth reach their full potential through a combination of physical development and professional skill-building opportunities.

“We want to give participants an edge through experience and exposure,” Maggitt says. “My ability to learn and pivot brought me where I am now. It happened not only because of football, but also because of my ability to learn through my experiences.”

EDGE offers training camps, tournaments and other athletic events alongside classroom learning in finances, technology and other business and life skills. The goal is to show participants the merits of being able to learn both on the field and in the classroom.

“As an athlete, I did my job, but it’s difficult to translate those skills to a resume,” Maggitt says. “You need to be able to transfer your ability to learn and perform athletically into learning in other environments.”

Maggitt says EDGE will provide a community for youth. Growing up in Palm Beach, Florida, he found support through athletics, and EDGE is his opportunity to share that experience with youth today.

“I want them to know that no matter your situation, you have high potential,” Maggitt says.

Recently, EDGE partnered with the City of Knoxville, hosting “Kickball with Curt and Friends.” The high-energy event introduced youth to EDGE with a kickball tournament led by Maggitt and a few of his former teammates. AJ Johnson, Josh Malone and Josh Dobbs led teams composed of participants from local charitable organizations.

“Everyone won that day,” Maggitt says. “We wanted to bring the kids together and show them we are here for them.”

Maggitt plans to host EDGE events in Tennessee and eventually throughout the Southeast. To do this, he uses skills learned during his time in the Haslam MBA program. From creating the board of directors to managing the pieces of a large event, lessons from supply chain management and entrepreneurship have helped Maggitt create a successful nonprofit. As EDGE organizes events for the fall, Maggitt continues his own learning process.

“Everyone I meet, I learn from them,” Maggitt says. “We all have things that we can learn from each other. The goal is to drive value – how do we do that together?”

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