Grace Malone

“I want my classmates to consider that the passion you have for your work is the most important aspect of your job.”

Undergraduate Programs - Student

Grace Malone, a senior majoring in public administration with a collateral in international business and a minor in public policy analytics and Spanish, embodies the spirit and mission of the Haslam College of Business.

Malone’s business interests couple well with her passion for nonprofit work. She has completed internships with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s College of Law, the Alliance for Better Nonprofits, PepsiCo, Help Musicians UK and the Africa Education and Leadership Initiative. She is currently awaiting approval of security clearance to begin an internship with the FBI’s Knoxville field office. Malone is excited about the opportunities in public service this internship will open up for her. She plans to pursue a career in either nonprofit management or government work. 

Malone’s internships span both the private sector and the nonprofit arena. While the business skills for both entities are the same, Malone points out that the resources available in the nonprofit sector are somewhat limited.

“In nonprofit work, each individual is expected to do more with much less than in the private sector,” she says. “My internships in the private sector have been great learning experiences but leave me wanting to have more of an impact on the community and world at large.”

Malone hopes that future Haslam students and faculty continue to have the same opportunities that she has experienced with continued diversity of employers and increased study abroad opportunities.

“I want my classmates to consider that the passion you have for your work is the most important aspect of your job,” she says. “Don’t look at the salary. Look at the change you will make, and the rest will follow.”

Malone chose to pursue a degree at Haslam because of all of the opportunities to fully embrace experiential learning. She also appreciates the quality of her professors.

“I’ve gotten to know professors who really understand my goals and are able to serve as mentors to my future both professionally and personally,” she says. “Professors like Dr. Compton take a genuine interest in you learning the material and teaching you to think critically and process information in ways that might not come naturally.”

Malone is a Smith Global Leadership Scholar, a Baker Scholar and a Chancellor’s Honors Scholar. She serves on the Senior Impact committee and in a leadership role in Alpha Kapa Psi as well as a peer mentor through both VOLMentors and the Haslam peer mentor program.

Grateful for the support given to the college through alumni and donors, she serves on the Senior Impact committee to set an example for her classmates on the importance of giving back. This year’s senior class lead the way on campus in giving participation at 69 percent and donated nearly $15,000 dollars back to the university.

Scholarships she receives from Smith GLS and the Department of Economics help to offset the costs of her education. “I would be able to attend without this help, but it would be a burden to my family and I would have to work long hours during the school year to make it happen,” Malone says. “With it, I am able to focus on my studies and not worry about financial stresses.”

Malone plans to begin law school next fall.