Jack Dodson

I took a few classes and realized management is the perfect fit for my personality

- Student

Leadership sits at the center of Jack Dodson’s experiences with in the Haslam College of Business. A senior from Germantown, Tennessee, Dodson knew he wanted to pursue a business degree, but was unsure about the exact focus his studies should take upon acceptance into the college.

“I took a few classes and realized management is the perfect fit for my personality,” he says. “”I quickly discovered how important it is to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate with others. I am thankful my management courses empower me to perfect my people skills.”

It’s no surprise then that Dodson serves as the founding president of the Haslam College of Business Student Leadership Council. This council consists of leaders from all 24 student organizations within Haslam. As founding president, Dodson established bylaws, a purpose and goals for the council.

“We are working to improve student engagement, career readiness and professionalism for Haslam students,” Dodson says. “We hope to use this council as a way for student leaders to provide the college feedback and create an open discussion between the students and staff.”

Before joining the council, Dodson took on leadership experience within the student-run Management Society. He was chosen to serve on its executive board just a semester after joining, and later selected for his current role as the organization’s vice president. The Management Society hosts several fundraisers in the fall and spring raising over $3,000 this past year for Mobile Meals, a company that transports meals to the disadvantaged, elderly members of the community,.

Dodson also takes every opportunity to prepare himself for the work force. Throughout his college career as a Hope Scholar, he has always held either a job or internship in addition to classes and active roles in various school organizations.

“One day, I hope to start and own my own business,” he says. “I am confident my time here at UT has provided me with the experience I need.”

Dodson says he chose Haslam for its capacity to support both his personal and professional aspirations.

“Being close to family was important to me and there was not a doubt in my mind that this university and its business college would set me up for success,” he says.