Jeremy Meanwell

Meanwell is pursuing his passion for engineering while studying finance in the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program.

Heath Integrated Business & Engineering - Student

When Jeremy Meanwell chose a major, he was faced with a dilemma. He was torn between his interests in business and engineering. He ultimately followed a business path, declaring finance as his major.

“I noticed I had a knack for logical problem-solving,” Meanwell says. “This led me to pursue a career in financial advising due to my nature of wanting to help people deal with difficult problems in their lives.”

A few weeks into his first year at the University of Tennessee, Meanwell found a way to pursue his passions in engineering while studying finance. He heard about the Heath Integrated Business and Engineering Program (Heath IBEP) and decided to apply.

The Heath IBEP unites students from the Haslam College of Business and the Tickle College of Engineering, providing an industry-focused curriculum with immersive, professional, co-curricular experiences. This unique academic program aims to graduate students who understand the intersections between business and engineering, bringing depth and value to both fields.

“I enjoyed the idea of working in a cohort of like-minded individuals, as well as utilizing the great opportunities to network, sharpen my skills and learn the invaluable knowledge of using business and engineering together,” Meanwell says.

Endowed by Ralph Heath, an alumnus of both the Tickle College of Engineering and the Haslam College of Business, the program accepted students beginning in 2017 and graduated its inaugural cohort in spring 2020.

Meanwell is a member of the 2023 cohort. He says his involvement in the Heath IBEP has made his Haslam experience more individualized, providing opportunities to build a network of academic and industry professionals.

“Heath IBEP has allowed me to connect with tons of great people, one of these being my mentor, Aaron Snyder,” Meanwell says. “He is the most reliable person I know. He is a company executive as well as an instructor in Haslam, yet he still takes time to meet with me frequently and help me grow not only professionally but also as a person.”

As he begins the second semester of his sophomore year, Meanwell is focused not only on securing an internship for the summer, but also helping others.

“I’m inspired by my mentor to work harder toward my goals and act as a mentor and friend to others,” he says.