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Julie Ferrara

Julie Ferrara

Lecturer and Assistant Department Head
Office Location: Room - 217, Stokely Management Center (865) 974-1659

Julie returns to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville after spending six-and-one-half years in industry. Her work experience in both industrial statistics and business analytics provides invaluable information to the department as we embark on our new and improved master’s and bachelor’s degrees in business analytics.

Julie has spent the last 3 years working for a startup company that is on the forefront of web analytics and website conversion testing. During this time, she has identified the need for individuals trained in fundamental data analysis skills that also have a mind for business. These individuals will be invaluable resources for agencies, individual companies, and the web analaytics industry in general. Julie is very passionate about helping companies make sound data-based decisions, and she feels her best opportunity is to help foster change at the educational level.

During the coming years, Julie will be assisting professors as they work to integrate more web analytics examples into their curriculum as well as training faculty on web analytics practices. She will also be playing an active role in the department’s Business Analytics Forum and Business Analytics Conference that are organized through the Department of Statistics, Operations and Management Science.

Each semester she will teach Search Engine Marketing Analysis where students will be managing actual Google AdWords campaigns for small businesses.



2004 University of Tennessee, M.S., Statistics

2002 University of Tennessee, B.S., Marketing

2002 University of Tennessee, B.S., Statistics


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