Business Fellows

The Business Fellows Program is one of the Haslam College of Business’ signature honors programs. Students may apply to it in the spring of their first year, with official admission occurring in their sophomore year. This three-year honors program is open to the top 10 percent of Haslam students. The program provides an intellectual challenge for high-achieving, academically minded students enrolled in the college.

Business Fellows Honors Program

By blending classroom learning and real-world experience, the Business Fellows Program prepares students to be innovative leaders in today’s competitive business climate. Students will take smaller pre-business and business core honors courses each semester with other Business Fellows through a flexible academic curriculum. They will also engage in co-curricular activities, such as company site visits, guest speaker sessions and professional development workshops.

Admissions and Applications Process

Students will apply to the Business Fellows program in their first year. All first-year business students are invited to apply. Applications open at the end of the fall semester and close at the beginning of the spring semester.

The Business Honors Committee will evaluate applicants in February. Applicants who are selected to move forward in the application process will receive an invitation to an in-person reception and group interview. Students will be provisionally accepted in March. After final spring grades are posted, individuals will be informed of their acceptance. Students will formally begin the program in the fall of their second year.

Application for Business Fellows will be open from December 1, 2023, at 8 a.m. through January 31, 2024, at 5 p.m.

Admissions Criteria

The admissions committee reviews the following material and selects finalists to interview:

  • Online application indicating interest in international business and academic rigor
  • High School data, GPA and standardized test scores
  • College resume including leadership experience, campus involvement and community service (Note: Please utilize the Haslam resume template when submitting your resume)
  • Two UT professional or academic references’ contact information
  • UT GPA, academic history, and letter grades
  • BUAD 100 or 107 instructor feedback
  • College disciplinary record

Business Fellows Program Requirements

To complete the Business Fellows Program, students must:

  • Take the honors version of the Haslam Leaders Series starting with BUAD 207.
  • Complete four honors business courses. These courses can be satisfied by options listed on the Course Options Overview or by completing business department-specific honors courses, if offered.
  • Complete one honors capstone course during the senior year.
  • Attend co-curricular engagement events each semester.
  • Remain in good standing with the Haslam College of Business and the University of Tennessee.

Note: Business Administration 107 (BUAD 107) – Honors: Inclusion: Becoming an Engaged Leader in a Diverse Community (the honors version of BUAD 100, the required first course in the Haslam Leaders Series) will be offered in the fall of the first year at UT to honors and high-achieving students as an introduction to honors courses and co-curricular engagement opportunities but is not required for admission to the Business Fellows Program.

Business Fellows Curriculum table


Director: Jennifer Rittenhouse, DBA

Assistant Director: Mary Cooper, Ph.D.

Haslam Honors Coordinator: Karson Marsh

General questions can be directed to