Torch Fund Students Visit Larry Carroll in Charlotte

Carroll (HCB, ’78) hosted 34 students for a private seminar at his Wealth Enhancement Group (WEG) office

March 26, 2024

Students from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Haslam College of Business’ Torch Fund program recently traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, for an exclusive wealth management seminar. Larry Carroll (HCB, ‘78) hosted the event, and Ryan Farley, Torch Fund director and assistant clinical professor of finance at Haslam, accompanied the 34 students on the trip.

Torch Fund is an experiential learning program consisting of four student-managed investment portfolios — Carroll, Haslam, LaPorte and McClain. The highly competitive program allows Haslam graduate and undergraduate finance majors to gain valuable experience managing securities on a live exchange.

Carroll is the founder of Carroll Financial, which the Wealth Enhancement Group (WEG) acquired in 2021. Carroll, who received Haslam’s Distinguished Alum Award in 2019, now serves as senior vice president and financial advisor for WEG. This was his third consecutive year hosting Torch Fund students at his Charlotte office.

Career Inspiration Coupled with Life Advice

Torch Fund members heard from several financial leaders at the seminar, including wealth management professionals from all career phases, including Carroll, his son Kristopher Carroll (WEG managing director for the Carolinas), WEG junior financial advisors and investment team members, as well as Lans Slack (HCB, ‘97) and Shelby Keim (HCB, ’23) from Eventide, a mutual fund management company.

Seminar participants discussed the realities of being a financial advisor, the roles and stages for a career in wealth management, the mutual fund industry and values-based investing. Students took advantage of the opportunity to ask the experts a wide variety of questions.

Farley says, “Larry Carroll and the team at Wealth Enhancement Group’s Charlotte office are such amazing hosts. Larry is so generous to our students, including with the most precious of resources — his time. He always provides such a well of wisdom about wealth management, investing, entrepreneurship and life. The students arrive home with clear conviction about whether or not a career in wealth management is for them, and if so, what role would be a good fit. Even students for whom the trip helps confirm that wealth management is not a good fit come back inspired and energized to pour their efforts into their academic and professional development.”

Senior Ashley Long, who manages the McClain Torch Fund’s consumer staples portfolio, was one such student whose career goals were solidified by visiting with Carroll and his team. “Following the trip, I developed a strong interest in pursuing a career in wealth management. Being an extrovert, the prospect of engaging with clients throughout my workday greatly appeals to me. Additionally, I derive satisfaction from assisting others in any way possible. I believe that a career in wealth management aligns perfectly with my desire to educate others on finance theories, making it an ideal path for me.”


Stacy Estep, writer/publicist,