UT Haslam Launches Master’s Degree Program in Business Cybersecurity

August 29, 2023

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business recently announced its new Master of Science in Business Cybersecurity (MSBC) online degree program. The new master’s program is currently accepting applications for the inaugural cohort, which will begin in spring 2024.

By expanding the college’s online degree options to include business cybersecurity, Haslam’s leaders are looking forward and emphasizing curriculum that serves contemporary workforce needs. The MSBC program recognizes the massive impact of cybersecurity on business, which, it is estimated, will cost the global economy more than $10 trillion annually by 2025.

The online MSBC program trains students in essential cybersecurity tenets with both synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Inspired by industry trends and academic research, the curriculum teaches future business leaders how to protect companies’ critical assets — and, by extension, the economy — through proactive business strategies that address cybersecurity opportunities and challenges.

Preparing Leaders for a Crucial Role

As more companies recognize the impact of cybersecurity resilience on business stability, more qualified professionals are needed to direct those conversations and decisions. Based on current employment numbers, the world economy is unprepared to manage a cyber crisis of significant magnitude. A recent study discovered the international cybersecurity workforce needs to grow by 65 percent to meet the current demand for these professionals.

The MSBC program is designed for enthusiastic students committed to pursuing an advanced understanding of cybersecurity and business with the goal of becoming leaders in their field. By removing barriers to entry such as standardized testing, the MSBC program intentionally aims to draw applicants with unconventional backgrounds. Haslam is also committed to enabling access to the program through scholarships and financial aid.

According to Amy Cathey, Haslam’s associate dean for Graduate and Executive Education, with this new degree program, Haslam is demonstrating its continued commitment to helping business address the most current, pressing issues in the field.

“The Master of Science in Business Cybersecurity will provide graduates with a broad understanding of this growing field and the fluency to comprehend, conceptualize and communicate business strategies that mitigate risk and protect organizational data,” Cathey said. “The program is designed to help fill the urgent need for more than three million professionals working at the intersection of business and cybersecurity.”

About the Haslam College of Business Graduate and Executive Education Programs

Haslam offers an extensive portfolio of graduate and executive education programs that prepare students to reach their full potential and advance their careers. At the master’s level, these programs include the Haslam full-time MBA, Online MBA, Professional MBA, Executive MBA (Global Supply Chain, Healthcare Leadership, Strategic Leadership), Aerospace & Defense MBA, Physician Executive MBA, Master of Accountancy, MS Management and Human Resources, MS Marketing, MS Business Analytics, MS Business Cybersecurity, MS Supply Chain Management Tri‑Continent and MS Supply Chain Management Online.

Haslam’s graduate programs address real-world challenges through an interdisciplinary approach that develops both analytical and leadership skills. Faculty are industry thought leaders, seasoned practitioners and accomplished researchers who work tirelessly to create dynamic, relevant and impactful learning experiences.


Scott McNutt, business writer/publicist, rmcnutt4@utk.edu