Undergraduate Majors

Each major consists of 27 hours of coursework that combine two areas of emphasis. Students have a choice of obtaining either a collateral or a concentration. The collateral option consists of 18 hours in the primary emphasis and 9 hours in the secondary emphasis. The concentration option consists of 15 hours in the primary emphasis and 12 hours in the secondary emphasis. There are some exceptions to this structure based on the major.

Students are required to take 75 percent of their major and collateral or concentration coursework in residence at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. A minimum grade of C must be earned in every major course, including the collateral and dual concentration courses. View the course catalog for specific information on major, collateral and concentration course progressions.

General Education
Pre-Business Core
Business Administration 1-00
Business Core

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The University of Tennessee has one of the leading accounting programs in the nation. The program emphasizes the conceptual and applied understanding of business information and prepares students for careers in accounting and business.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management majors are in demand in a variety of business sectors, including manufacturing, retailing, banking, transportation, technology, health care, and hospitality, as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management majors are in demand in a variety of business sectors, including manufacturing, merchandising, service institutions, transportation, third-party logistics, government and consulting.


Finance majors are in demand in a variety of business sectors, including banking, corporate and public finance, insurance, personal financial planning, real estate, investment banking, and money management.


An economics major can provide strong foundations in business, public policy, and law. Majors pursue careers in business, consulting, all levels of government, and a variety of other fields.


As a marketing student, you can select from one of three specialization tracks that set you on the career path of your choice. Each track leads to exciting employment opportunities across a variety of industries, including entertainment, healthcare, consumer-packaged goods, high-tech, retailing, consumer electronics, and business services, and in firms of all sizes, ranging from start-ups to family-owned businesses to large corporations.

Business Analytics

The fields of opportunity for business analysts are numerous and include economics, finance, market research, e-commerce, engineering, manufacturing, transportation, education, medicine, psychology, agriculture, and computer and social sciences.

Management & Entrepreneurship

Management education enables one to pursue varied career opportunities in organizations. People who move into management positions are generally effective problem-solvers and communicators. They are successful at organizing work and motivating others to accomplish tasks.

International Business

An International Business (IB) major accompanies a double Haslam major and prepares students for international careers in various business fields. It equips students with functional skills that enhance their effectiveness as business professionals, incorporating advanced foreign language and a mandatory semester study abroad, developing students’ IB knowledge, intercultural fluencies, technical, functional and communication skills in both English and their chosen second language.

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