The Haslam College of Business offers a business minor for students pursuing majors in other colleges. Students must successfully complete the following 22 hours of requirements:

Business Minor

  • Accounting 200 (3 hours)
  • Economics 201 (4 hours)
  • Management 201 (3 hours)
  • Statistics 201 (3 hours)
  • Finance 300 (3 hours)
  • Management 300 (3 hours)
  • Marketing 300 (3 hours)

Entrepreneurship Minor

An interdisciplinary minor in entrepreneurship is available to students from all academic programs of study. The minor consists of 15 credit hours from entrepreneurship courses taught by faculty across six different colleges. The entrepreneurship requirements can be found in the UT Undergraduate Catalog.

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All upper-division business courses for business minors must be taken in residence at UT.

Minor in Social Entrepreneurship

The Haslam College of Business’s Minor in Social Entrepreneurship is open to undergraduate students from across campus. For this minor, students must take ENT410s, which is available to undergraduate students without prerequisites, for three credit hours. Students will then fill out the 15-hour requirement by taking 12 hours of elective, complementary courses in their home discipline. Students receive a minor from the Haslam College of Business, but the program and content is tailored to their particular interests and reinforces their major.

Social Entrepreneurship Minor: 15 total credit hours
Required course: ENT 410S: Social Entrepreneurship: 3 hours
Additional Hours: Content Courses: 6-9 hours
Experiential Courses: 3-6 hours

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Students interested in pursuing minors in Business Administration, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and/or Statistics should complete the following form to have their minor added to their Student Academic Profile.

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