Marketing & Supply Chain Management


Susan Golicic

Herbert Family Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management

Colorado State University

I absolutely loved my experience as a doctoral student at UT!  It was challenging and fun and really prepared me for the positions I’ve had and success in academia I’ve experienced. The faculty at Haslam are outstanding scholars and really care about the success of their students.

The supply chain field is getting more challenging with respect to research expectations, and the changes being implemented in the Haslam program will help better prepare students to find the right position for them.

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The supply chain Ph.D. program is kept small to provide students with close interaction with our faculty and fellow students. Candidates must apply through UT’s Graduate School.

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Rodney Thomas

Associate Professor of Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Program Coordinator

Texas Tech University

The UT PhD program certainly helped me become a self-sufficient and independent scholar. I think the recent shift to a more an apprentice type of approach holds tremendous merit for helping students get published earlier in their careers, but it can still provide the flexibility for them to also develop their own stream of research.

LaDonna Thorton

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

Florida State University

Attending the University of Tennessee’s Supply Chain Management Ph.D. program was the best decision for me. While the program was demanding, I developed into a scholar because of faculty guidance. I am grateful for my time there and highly recommend the program to people interested in studying Supply Chain Management.

Brian S. Fugate

Oren Harris Endowed Chair in Transportation

University of Arkansas

The UT doctoral program is designed and executed to create future leaders in the supply chain academy. And it delivers on that goal time and time again, creating scholars of both theory and practice. The program created a foundation that served me well in conducting lifelong rigorous and relevant research. The recent changes to the program makes the doctoral experience truly supply chain oriented, with a breadth covering all aspects of supply chain and a depth to address the most important challenges facing business today and in the future.