Haslam College of Business Diversity Council


The Haslam College of Business seeks to challenge the status quo, enhance knowledge, drive change and transform the world. We do so by inspiring our students, colleagues, business and society. We support our students, faculty and staff through several core initiatives including academic support, recruitment and retention programming, educational opportunities, and professional development. The Haslam College of Business recognize that achieving its mission and vision is a collaborative effort that requires additional engagement from our college citizens.


The mission of the Diversity Council (DC) is to be intentional about diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the Haslam College of Business. Serving as a resource, advisor and advocate, the DC works to foster meaningful opportunities that encourage and enhance understanding of D&I as critical to business and community success. Success is measured based on the following goals and objectives:

  • Drive and advance education/awareness of diversity and inclusive practices at all levels of the college
  • Support efforts that attract and retain diverse faculty, staff and students
  • Advise the Dean and senior leadership of opportunities and challenges related to D&I
  • Provide internal support for cultivating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive academic and workplace culture


The Haslam College of Business Diversity council aims to serve as a world-class advisory thought leader, uniting diversity and inclusion with the strategic initiatives of the Haslam College of Business.


At our core, inclusion serves as one of our guiding values. In an effort to remain effective, competitive and accredited, D&I standards must be strategically integrated to support all stakeholders of the college. Members of the council, referred to as Diversity Partners, partner to design, implement and measure strategies that address challenges and opportunities related to D&I in the Haslam College of Business and beyond.


  • Professional Development Fund for Staff (selection committee)
  • Diversity & Inclusion Award (selection committee)
  • Haslam Diversity Speaker Series
  • Educational and development programs
  • Crisis Response