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The Department of Business Analytics & Statistics conducts application-focused research that leads to practical insights, tools and solutions.


We partner with companies from diverse industries to work on large data sets. Additionally, we share the University of Tennessee’s IBM-Enabled Advanced Analytics Lab with the Tickle College of Engineering to study unstructured data in a secure environment.

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Business Analytics & Statistics

The Value of the Haslam MSBA

Alumnus Haley Hubbard and Ana Richters, a current student, talk about the value of meeting and interacting with industry analytics professionals at the Business Analytics Forum.

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Our Research

From the stock market to manufacturing, social media and medical care, analytics now touch every aspect of our lives. Our research serves to help organizations reach their business objectives, students extend their grasp of the subject beyond theoretical knowledge, and society advance.

Our Faculty

UT Haslam Business Analytics & Statistics Collaboration Space Made Possible by Meltons

The department envisions the space will promote collaborative efforts with a shared sense of purpose and possibility.

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