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Diversity Action Plan


The Haslam College of Business Diversity Action Plan provides a timeline and metrics to measure progress towards diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The action plan is evaluated based on our objectives to promote a culture of accountability as it pertains to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Each of the six goals include specific action steps to reach our desired outcomes.

Goal 1: Create and sustain a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive campus climate.

Objectives: Build and evolve an environment that supports all student, staff, and faculty populations, including underrepresented, minoritized, and marginalized members of these populations.

  • Emphasize the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accountability
  • Actively monitor college DEI environment related to observing breaches in behaviors inconsistent with college values

Goal 2: Attract and retain greater numbers of individuals from historically underrepresented populations into faculty, staff, and administrative positions (particularly department heads, directors, deans, and vice chancellors).

Objectives: Expand and retain the number of individuals from underrepresented populations in faculty, staff, and administrative positions.

  • Proactive identification, recruitment, and retention of individuals from underrepresented populations
  • Retain underrepresented groups through career advancement mentoring opportunities

Goal 3: Attract, retain, and graduate increasing numbers of undergraduate and graduate students from historically underrepresented populations and international students.

Objectives: Expand the proportion of underrepresented students in HCB student body through enrollment and awareness of scholarship opportunities.

  • Provide support and resources for current students from historically underrepresented populations
  • Continue to provide pre-collegiate resources through establishing educational and scholarship opportunities

Goal 4: Develop and strengthen partnerships with diverse communities in Tennessee and globally.

Objectives: Strengthen existing partnerships within university and with diverse local community, state, regional, national, and global partners.

  • Strengthen and expand partnerships within the university and with diverse local, state, regional, national, and global partners
  • Establish new structural opportunities for fostering diversity
  • Increase student participation in study abroad programs and professional development outreach activities

Goal 5: Ensure that curricular requirements include significant intercultural perspectives.

Objectives: Assess course content for the inclusion of intercultural perspectives.

  • Broaden the scope of students’ intercultural perspective
  • Assess course content for the inclusion of intercultural perspectives
  • Further develop class curricula addressing issues related to disparities and social inequities

Goal 6: Prepare graduate students to become teachers and researchers in a diverse world.

Objectives: Prepare full-time and executive MBA graduate students to succeed in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

  • Encourage involvement in serving as advocates and discussion leaders in diversity initiatives
  • Expand cultural competency and diversity workshops and educational sessions
  • Enhance existing programs and co-curricular activities to heighten Ph.D. candidate cultural awareness

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