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Study abroad provides students the opportunity to live, learn, and even work abroad in a variety of ways, and Haslam can help you find the right program and navigate the process.

Semester-Length Programs

Semester-length programs are among the most immersive type of study abroad experience. For an entire Fall or Spring semester, students can choose to study abroad with an affiliate, exchange, or direct enroll program. Courses taken abroad can be transferred back into a students’ UT degree. It is important for business students to schedule a study abroad advising appointment with an IPSA staff member to find the program and coursework that best meets their degree needs.


Spring Semester Deadlines: Mid-late October
Summer Deadlines: Early-to-mid March
Fall Semester Deadlines: Mid-late March

Each program will have its own unique application deadline. Please check programsabroad.utk.edu to find specific dates.

Students studying abroad for a semester are required to submit a Request for Transfer Credit Form as part of their pre-departure application. Forms, with course syllabi, can be submitted to the Center for Student Engagement & Success for review and approval.

Semester Request for Transfer Credit Form Deadlines
December 1: Spring Semester
April 30: Summer Term
June 1: Fall Semester

Pre-approved coursework

Explore programs by major

This is not an exhaustive list of coursework. Transfer credit is subject to change and must be reviewed on an individual basis

What you need to know!

Financial considerations play a key role in the decision to study abroad. We want to help students achieve their ideal experiences and understand finding the right mix of location, programming and cost is essential.

Haslam Stories from Abroad

Over 1 in 4 Haslam graduates will graduate from UT with an international experience. Hear from some of our students and more about their experiences abroad!

International Internships

Business students also have the opportunity to intern abroad. Through internship programs, students can gain practical work experience while also adding depth to their professional development through academic coursework. Students can earn 3-6 credit hours towards their degree through a variety of internship locations and placements.