Getting Started

Are you interested in studying abroad but don’t know where to start? Consider these items when beginning your study abroad program search.

HCB Virtual International Programs

No Passport Programs

Internationalize your business degree by joining one of the No Passport Programs! Choose from HCB Virtual International Programs, International Business Case Competition, or the IPSA Cultural Competency Series to build your global fluency!

Students may choose from one of the 5 HCB International Program options:

  1. A mentored research project on an approved international business topic.
  2. An internship in an international role/department of a multinational corporation.
  3. A mentored international business consulting project.
  4. Successful of an area studies course, plus a reflective paper on the impact of such coursework on your own education and how it relates to business.
  5. Successful completion of an approved independent study.

Faculty Directed Programs

Faculty Directed Programs are offered through the Haslam College of Business. These programs are led by Haslam faculty and offer students the opportunity to earn 3 – 6 UT credits abroad. Programs range from 1 – 4 weeks during any of the following term:

  • Winter-Term
  • Spring term / Spring Break,
  • Mini-term, or Summer II


Haslam’s study abroad programs are taught in English and available to all majors and collaterals. They also satisfy the abroad requirement for International business concentrations/collaterals and provide 3-4 credit hours.

Each program has specific prerequisites, which students must have completed or be enrolled in when they apply. The only additional requirement is to fill out the application by the deadline.

Application Process

Complete the online application through the Center for Global Engagement. Rank your top programs on your application. Students who submit by the priority deadline will have only their first choice of programs.

Once you receive your acceptance letter, you have one week to confirm your participation in the program. Once programs are full, they will close, so secure your space early.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are study abroad programs that are run through a third-party provider who is in the business of study abroad. Affiliate providers serve as liaisons between UTK and the institution you where you will take your classes.


Many affiliate programs will have a 2.5 GPA requirement. There are some highly selective and competitive programs that will require a GPA of 3.0 or higher. These programs are available all over the world and are great fits for students who are interested in meeting new people from across the world, including local students!

Application Process

For affiliate programs, you will have a two-step application process. First, complete the online application through the Center for Global Engagement. Then fill out the application on the affiliate provider’s website. Once you have been admitted to the affiliate program, turn in your acceptance letter to the Programs Abroad Office in Melrose Hall.

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs are perfect for students who are independent, forward thinking, and self-reliant. These programs are fully immersive experiences; you will be a student studying directly at your local university alongside local and international students. With exchange programs, students pay UT tuition.


Many exchange and direct enroll programs are looking for students with competitive GPAs, usually a 3.0 or higher.

Application Process

Students should first apply directly to the program of their choosing on the VolsAbroad portal. Once they have been accepted by UT, they will be nominated to the exchange program. Students will then be required to fill out the exchange partner’s application. Students considering exchange programs should apply early in the semester.

Direct Enroll Programs

A direct enroll program allows students the opportunity to directly enroll at an institution abroad. This is different from an exchange program in that you will pay your program fees directly to your host institution.


Many of the UT Academic Internship Programs are looking for students with competitive GPAs, usually a 2.75 or higher.

Application Process

The application process for direct enroll programs will vary depending on the program. For some programs, your entire application will be through the VolsAbroad Portal and for others, students will need to complete both the application on the VolsAbroad portal and directly through the institution’s website.

Academic Internships

Academic Internships are affiliate provider programs that allow students to gain both practical work experience and earn UT credit. Students will work with an affiliate provider to get matched with an internship, and then they will complete an online professional development course that goes hand-in-hand with what they are learning.


Many of the UT Academic Internship Programs are looking for students with competitive GPAs, usually a 2.75 or higher.

Application Process

For Academic Internship programs, students will apply directly to the application found on the Programs Abroad website. Students will be required to submit a cover letter and a resume. Once they have been accepted into the program, students will work with an affiliate provider to get matched with their internship.

IPSA Cultural Competency Series

This series was designed for the Haslam College of Business community interested in expanding upon their international and intercultural skillset. Employers have stressed the need for cultural competency to be well-equipped to enter the global business world. This cultural competency series introduces these concepts in a practical and hands-on approach.

There are no deadlines on this series and participants may complete the modules at their own pace!


Visit Haslam’s Office of International Programs and Study Abroad (HBB 254) on the mezzanine level of the Haslam Business Building to discover your study abroad options. You can also contact us at or schedule study abroad advising appointments through GradesFirst by selecting Business Student Engagement & Success.

You can find more information at the University of Tennessee’s Center for International Education. Also, learn more about Ready for the World, UT’s ambitious plan to help students gain the international and intercultural knowledge they need to succeed in today’s diverse world.