Healthcare Learning Community

Our Healthcare Learning Community provides ongoing support for the hard work you do to transform healthcare and grow your organization. We talk with you to identify topics and timing for our newsletters, short courses and other events. We then marshal the full resources of the college, our Tier One research university and our network to support the hard work you do.

Choose the Services That Best Meet Your Needs

Community-Driven Short Courses 
Quickly add leadership and operational capabilities for you and your team using our highly applied, open-enrollment short courses. Your peers and you set the topics and the schedule we offer during the year. We can craft online, in-person and hybrid courses, and arrange CME credit.

Sponsored Research
Join with your peers to gain insight on a critical challenge in healthcare, from managing profit and risk under value-based payments, to building integrated care networks, to integrating your supply chain with both patient outcomes and the financial bottom line. Haslam faculty and our network of healthcare experts will take on the research you need for your business. We bring back to you data, insights and a framework for you to apply the research to your decision-making and investments.

Haslam Healthcare Insights
Use these quick hits to help transform your organization and the healthcare sector. The content is an extension of the classroom, using case studies, news stories and alumni achievements to highlight frameworks and strategies you can put to work.

LinkedIn Professional Groups
Connect with real peers, trade ideas and celebrate successes in our Learning Community LinkedIn groups. You decide how much to engage – lurk or dive deep into conversations – there are no requirements or expectations.

Topical Events, Informal Gatherings and More
Get the Haslam perspective on current topics and ideas in healthcare throughout the year. Hear from and discuss issues with Haslam faculty and our community of experts from across the healthcare sector. Connect with your colleagues online and in-person in peer-to-peer learning events.  

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