Lean MRO and the Visual Workplace

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Lean MRO and the Visual Workplace

Course Description

A visual workplace provides the foundation on which to build a Lean MRO enterprise focused on eliminating waste, creating flow, and decreasing variation. Deploying visual mechanisms to facilitate the elimination of the seven forms of waste creates capacity to support Lean as a growth strategy. Visual methods such as visual standard work reduce process variation. By institutionalizing the principles of Lean as part of a comprehensive visual workplace initiative, the tenets of Lean and TOC can be sustained.

What you will learn
  • Visual Approach to Eliminating Waste
  • 5S Principles
  • Visual Standard Work
  • Fundamentals of a Visual Workplace
  • Visual Inventory Control
  • Elements of Visual Communication
  • Visualization to Eliminate Errors
  • Visual Production Control
  • Participants will take part in a hands-on simulation to actively deploy visualization concepts in a simulated failing MRO organization to specifically eliminate waste, create flow, decrease variation, increase capacity, increase throughput, and decrease inventory and flow time to transform the MRO organization into a Lean and very successful MRO organization.

Duration & Dates

This is a 1-day course. Dates are flexible.
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